Super Wood Fish Tray

Super Wood

Super Wood is a formed plywood that is woven for strength, rigidity and durability.  This moulded serving tray looks a little fishy, but it's a great addition to any lounge.  Works equally well as a charger to hold your favorite chilled oyster plate.  Teak, made in U.S.A.

Measures 19" from head to tail.

Collections: Bar & Lounge

Category: serving tray

Woody says:  Although this serving tray has been held to the same standards as other serving and cutting boards we offer (see below), we do not recommend that it be used for direct food contact as historically these types of trays (cocktail, tv trays and the like) are treated with a stronger protectant or varnish to help better protect them from alcohol. 

Please note:  We carefully source, clean, inspect (and recondition when necessary) every wood serving item and cutting board we offer as if we were the end user.  Natural hardwood's show more character over time and the preservation of this history is always taken into consideration before adding them to our collection.  Additionally, all wood items that are intended for food use are sterilized and rejuvenated with only pure mineral oil or fractionated coconut oil.

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