Older the better

June 04, 2015


Back in the day things were made to last, there wasn't all that hype about cheap production, user friendliness, or planned obsolescence.  It was about quality - the experience. Nowadays products wear out sooner than expected, by design.  Even an appliance can be rendered unusable with a mandatory software "upgrade".  

You won't find that stuff here - we don't deal in the every day disposables.  We are purveyors and stewards of treasures belonging to the past and believe some things get better with age (as do some people). 

When we reuse, repurpose and recycle, we help offset our footprint and end effect on our planet. Changing the way we consume is only one aspect of how sustainability works. And while goods of all types continue to be reproduced and discarded, longevity is found within only a few. Okey Lofi was born from this belief and remains committed to reducing waste by giving new life to quality goods that have value, character and style.  Check out our latest offerings here.





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